Están en inglés, yo las leí como pude, son largas, pero hay que leerlas, ya saben…


To: The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, Guns N’ Roses Fans and Whom It May Concern,

When the nominations for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame were first announced I had mixed emotions but, in an effort to be positive, wanting to make the most of things for the fans and with their enthusiasm, I was honored, excited and hoped that somehow this would be a good thing. Of course I realized as things stood, if Guns N’ Roses were to be inducted it’d be somewhat of a complicated or awkward situation.

Since then we’ve listened to fans, talked with members of the board of the Hall Of Fame, communicated with and read various public comments and jabs from former members of Guns N’ Roses, had discussions with the president of the Hall Of Fame, read various press (some legit, some contrived) and read other artists’ comments weighing in publicly on Guns and the Hall with their thoughts.

Under the circumstances I feel we’ve been polite, courteous, and open to an amicable solution in our efforts to work something out. Taking into consideration the history of Guns N’ Roses, those who plan to attend along with those the Hall for reasons of their own, have chosen to include in “our” induction (that for the record are decisions I don’t agree with, support or feel the Hall has any right to make), and how (albeit no easy task) those involved with the Hall have handled things… no offense meant to anyone but the Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony doesn’t appear to be somewhere I’m actually wanted or respected.

For the record, I would not begrudge anyone from Guns their accomplishments or recognition for such. Neither I or anyone in my camp has made any requests or demands of the Hall Of Fame. It’s their show not mine.

That said, I won’t be attending The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction 2012 Ceremony and I respectfully decline my induction as a member of Guns N’ Roses to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

I strongly request that I not be inducted in absentia and please know that no one is authorized nor may anyone be permitted to accept any induction for me or speak on my behalf. Neither former members, label representatives nor the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame should imply whether directly, indirectly or by omission that I am included in any purported induction of “Guns N’ Roses”.

This decision is personal. This letter is to help clarify things from my and my camp’s perspective. Neither is meant to offend, attack or condemn. Though unfortunately I’m sure there will be those who take offense (God knows how long I’ll have to contend with the fallout), I certainly don’t intend to disappoint anyone, especially the fans, with this decision. Since the announcement of the nomination we’ve actively sought out a solution to what, with all things considered, appears to be a no win, at least for me, “damned if I do, damned if I don’t” scenario all the way around.

In regard to a reunion of any kind of either the Appetite or Illusion lineups, I’ve publicly made myself more than clear. Nothing’s changed.

The only reason, at this point, under the circumstances, in my opinion whether under the guise of “for the fans” or whatever justification of the moment, for anyone to continue to ask, suggest or demand a reunion are misguided attempts to distract from our efforts with our current lineup of myself, Dizzy Reed, Tommy Stinson, Frank Ferrer, Richard Fortus, Chris Pitman, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal and DJ Ashba. 

Izzy came out with us a few times back in ‘06 and I invited him to join us at our LA Forum show last year. Steven was at our show at the Hard Rock, later in ‘06 in Las Vegas, where I invited him to our after-party and was rewarded with his subsequent interviews filled with reunion lies. Lesson learned. Duff joined us in 2010 and again in ‘11 along with his band, Loaded, opening in Seattle and Vancouver. For me, with the exception of Izzy or Duff joining us on stage if they were so inclined somewhere in the future for a song or two, that’s enough.

There’s a seemingly endless amount of revisionism and fantasies out there for the sake of self-promotion and business opportunities masking the actual realities. Until every single one of those generating from or originating with the earlier lineups has been brought out in the light, there isn’t room to consider a conversation let alone a reunion.

Maybe if it were you it’d be different. Maybe you’d do it for this reason or that. Peace, whatever. I love our band now. We’re there for each other when the going get’s rough. We love our fans and work to give them every ounce of energy and heart we can.

So let sleeping dogs lie or lying dogs sleep or whatever. Time to move on. People get divorced. Life doesn’t owe you your own personal happy ending especially at another’s, or in this case several others’, expense.

But hey if ya gotta then maybe we can get the “no show, grandstanding, publicity stunt, disrespectful, he doesn’t care about the fans” crap out of the way as quickly as we can and let’s move on. No one’s taking the ball and going home. Don’t get it twisted. For more than a decade and a half we’ve endured the double standards, the greed of this industry and the ever present seemingly limitless supply of wannabes and unscrupulous, irresponsible media types. Not to imply anything in this particular circumstance, but from my perspective in regard to both the Hall and a reunion, the ball’s never been in our court.

In closing, regardless of this decision and as hard to believe or as ironic as it may seem, I’d like to sincerely thank the board for their nomination and their votes for Guns’ induction. More importantly I’d like to thank the fans for being there over the years, making any success we’ve had possible and for enjoying and supporting Guns N’ Roses music.

I wish the Hall a great show, congratulations to all the other artists being inducted and to our fans we look forward to seeing you on tour!!


Axl Rose




Some of you may know that my band Guns N’ Roses will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this weekend in Cleveland. My editor has been hoping that somehow I could write about what this whole thing is like from the “inside.”
Truthfully, it has been hard for me to find a good place from which to start and write such an article, head-space wise.
We are not a band anymore, and haven’t been for some time. We are all still alive and well, but there has been some muddy water that has gone underneath the bridge. But water, muddy or otherwise, does indeed flow past and forever away, and I have nothing but the best of memories and highest level of love and admiration and feelings of brotherhood with all of those dudes. Seriously.
I was sent a sort of open letter addressed to us guys in GNR from a fella named Chris Gehert on behalf of “Worldwide Guns N’ Roses Fans,” and it sort of stopped me short. I will run it now in its entirety:
“Dear Guns N’ Roses,
On Saturday April 14th 2012 you will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This gave a great hope to every GNR fan on the planet for a one time reunion show. Our one and only chance to see the original lineup on stage together again, if only for five minutes. Something we’ve been told for years would never happen. Rumors swirled, the band denied, and the fans prayed. It will always be okay because you never promised us anything.
With less than 2 weeks before the induction, the fans are watching as our reunion hopes start to disappear like Marty McFly’s family in a polaroid picture. Each day it seems like there is some new story about how there has been no communication, nobody knows what is required of them, nobody’s talking, and nobody really seems to care.
We care.
It would be easy for you to just show up, accept the induction, spend a few awkward minutes together at a podium and not talk again until somebody’s funeral. But this time we need more.
We are not trying to be selfish, God knows you have given us plenty of legendary songs, spectacular shows, and classic rock moments. You are sincerely the best rock band in the history of the world. All of your solo efforts and reincarnations of the group are awesome too.
Your music has inspired billions of people. Each one of you is still a fan inside. You loved Elton John, Aerosmith, Queen, Kiss, The Misfits, ELO and more. Please remember how great it feels to see your favorite band play.
We beg you to pick up the phone, grab your instruments, drag Izzy to Cleveland and play together.
You can make music history. Please do it. Give us one more memory. We deserve it.
We will continue to support you no matter what, but at the end of each concert Axl tells the crowd to “Not take … from anyone.” And that means ANYONE!
Worldwide Guns N’ Roses Fans.”

And to this point: The one reason that I am going to Cleveland this weekend is not to savor in some polite accolade or because an award show is that important to me. I am going because I have realized how important this is all to those many, many fans that supported us and believed in us, and showed up for us in droves.
Music is not like sports, and hence, a Hall of Fame in music is almost a false pedestal to sit upon. There are no statistics in music and art. No band or artist is “better” than another. Music comes from a primal place. Thin air. Dreams. And a lot of really hard damn work.
No one worked harder than us back then, and we were very fortunate to have met each other in those dirty back alleys of Hollywood sometime in 1984. We meshed and wrote, created thunder and beauty, and parlayed our real-life experience into an album that somehow related to a whole angsty world that felt just like us right then and there. It was a brilliant time.
I, too, now hope that we can just play a couple of songs there, and just sort of throw the microphone down on the stage and walk off. The rock-and-roll world would be set ablaze once again … and we could make a bunch of fans happy and sated to some degree.
But alas, I am only responsible for me, and can only speak for me. I have forgiven and forgotten. I have grown up and manned up. Part of me growing has been to realize I am powerless over others.
This whole deal, I hope, goes off without a hitch. I do hope we can achieve some grace in our acceptance. And I hope this grace, is enough, in the end, for the best rock and roll fans in the world. The Guns N’ (f—-ing) Roses fans.
– Duff





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hola! empiezo diciendo que bueno, debido a los últimos pero grandes cambios que han surgido en mi vida personal y no personal, el blog va ha cambiar un poco, es más quizás ni os déis cuenta… jajaja pues quiero decir que perdón por lo abandonado que lo he tenido y que voy a tenerlo mas en mente, sin olvidar que los fines de este blog son el rock n’ roll, de vez en cuando entraré algunos post sobre fotografía o… bueno tonterías como tiras cómicas o algo por el estilo… también no olvidaré hacer críticas personales sobre música, y de aqui en adelante si todos os prestáis deacuerdo, voy a empezar a subir diariamente o de vez en cuando, posts con videos de música, para que poco a poco, sin que os déis cuenta, vayáis conociendo cada vez más y más, (hasta que lo sepáis todo, como dios).

Os parece bien que hagamos un concurso de a ver quien tiene los ojos mas bonitos de hardock-fans? bueno ya lo iremos hablando…

bueno la verdad es que he visto este video y me he quedado con la boca abierta. tenéis que verlo, no tiene desperdicio, enserio. es triste, es real. y nosotros podemos ayudar mejor que nadie haciendo a nuestros seguidores de twitter, de tumblr, de facebook o de tuenti saber que pasa.

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bueno, he aquí una serie de conciertos de puta madre que van a tener luegar en varios sitios de españa durante este año, entre ellos guns n’ roses y W.A.S.P:




conciertos 2012

W.A.S.P en España (2012): esta banda nos ofrecerá una gran serie de conciertos por toda España. Los conciertos de W.A.S.P. en España se llevará a cabo en los siguientes lugares: Barakaldo, Santiago de Compostela, Madrid, Cartagena y Barcelona. No te puedes perder de la oportunidad de disfrutar del talento de W.A.S.P. en España y corre cuanto antes por tus boletos para el concierto de W.A.S.P. en España. Las entradas para los conciertos de W.A.S.P. las puedes conseguir por medio de

W.A.S.P. en Barakaldo
Lugar: Rock Star Live-Megapark
Fecha: Miércoles 07 de noviembre del 2012
Precio: 25 Euros

W.A.S.P. en Santiago de Compostela
Lugar: Sala Capitol
fecha: Jueves 08 de noviembre del 2012
Precio: 25 Euros

W.A.S.P. en Madrid
Lugar: La Riviera
Fecha: Viernes 09 de noviembre del 2012
Precio: 25 Euros

W.A.S.P. en Cartagena
Lugar: La Matriz Creativa
Fecha: Lunes 12 de noviembre del 2012
Precio: 25 Euros

W.A.S.P. en Barcelona
Lugar: Razzmatazz 2
Fecha: Martes 13 de noviembre del 2012
Precio: 25 Euros


Guns n’ roses (o lo que queda de ellos) actuarán en españa en 2012 en Recinto de Conciertos, Festival Costa de Fuego, Benicassim. yo personalmente no pagaría por un concierto de este grupo, es decir, para ver a axl desfinar, pero bueno… hagan lo que quieran:

la fecha es el 20 de julio de 2012 en el recinto de conciertos, festival costa de fuego en benicassim podéis comprar las entradas en ticketmaster o en carrefour.

les recuerdo que los guns n’ roses originales, la formación original se reunirá en el rock n’ roll hall of fame el 14 de abril.

buen día!


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Bueno, he vuelto, lo primero pedir disculpas por la visible dejadez que he tenido ultimamente con el blog… Y bueno vamos a lo que vamos, Soniphere 2012!!

este es el cartel

bueno, como pintan las cosas? en mi opinión es demasiado trash o metal, pues como sabeís me va más el rock clásico y el glam de los 80… el del año pasado era mejor y me lo perdí joder! así no sé espero que se incorporen grupos mejores como los del año pasado: slash, twisted syster… O alice cooper! que nos debe una, pues el año pasado  no vino al final el cabrón!! en fin… es demasiado pronto como para ponerse a rajar pero de una manera u otra esperemos que cambie.

Anecdotas de los profesores mas locos

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estas son las anécdotas de amigos, que cuentan las historias de profesores a los que se les va la olla:


-Jerez, los marianistas, ana ojeda; también tenía una profesora de naturales QUE SE ESCONDÍA DEBAJO DEL ESCRITORIO.

-jerez, los marianistas, anonimo; un profesor que cuando se cabreaba TIRABA LAS TIZAS CONTRA LA PIZARRA ROPIÉNDOLAS, a mi, que estoy en primera fila, me caían trozitos!!

-madrid, isabel la católica, yo; tengo una profesora a la que simplemente se le va la olla, una vez estaba dictando un texto y por una razón extraña se puso a hablar de las rastas, y de que hay gente que tiene fuerza en ellas y mueve rocas O.o


Elecciones (no me jodas…)

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haber, siendo directos; pp o psoe? a quien coño vamos a votar, siendo de izquierdas… pues al psoe… un momento! al psoe?! ni de coña! y al pp menos! a equo? pues alomejor… no tengo ni puta idea lo que se es que estamos mu jodios…

Diez razones para reírse de las elecciones del 20-N

voto nulo

cartel PP

que el pulpo paul decida…